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We would like to invite you to a
Montessori Workshop with an American Montessori Society consultant Erika Ohlhaver

“Children Are Different Today”
Where? International Montessori School of Prague,
Hrudičkova 2107, Praha 4
When? October 3, at 3:15pm (untill about 5pm)

About Erica Ohlhaver
Ms. Ohlhaver has been a Montessori teacher for the past 30 years. Starting with the youngest age group, she has received three separate levels of Montessori certification (Early Childhood, Lower Elementary, and Upper Elementary). She has worked in both private and public school Montessori
programs at all age levels. Ms. Ohlhaver has worked extensively with the development of the Montessori math and geometry curricula, which is predicated on discovery learning.

Facilitating Montessori philosophy and material presentations across all age groups, provides Ms. Ohlhaver the opportunity to instruct many Montessori student teachers each year. In addition to her duties at the Training Centers, she has written curriculum for science, math, and geometry programs that are
available and used nationwide in Montessori classrooms. As well, Ms. Ohlhaver has presented many workshops at local and regional conferences.

About the topic
The presentation “Children Are Different Today” highlights the differences that technology and media have produced in children in the past 30 years. It shows how children literally think differently than they did before and how that affects how we teach children in today’s Montessori classroom. It
provides educational research findings, along with suggestions on how to incorporate these ideas into our Montessori classrooms.

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